The Priceless Privilege (of Belonging to a Controlling Church)

Today’s post comes from the book The Priceless Privilege and Other Stories, by Lucy Conley. This one is fascinating for demonstrating the disingenuousness of conservative logic. The basic plot of the story, which develops over several chapters is how a young girl, in a bickering, nasty conservative church manages to find her way to another conservative church where […]

Perfect Peace with a Side of Grilled Cheese

At the end of last post, we were exploring a scintillating dialogue between a young girl named Agnes, and her older (and wiser) sister, Iris. The two girls were discussing responsibility. Agnes wanted to make her own decisions, and Iris was explaining that only a fool would want to make her own decisions, because making […]

How To Be Truly Happy (It’s Not What You Think)

Note: I had started writing this post before the Christian Aid Ministries sex scandal broke. This subject is very timely, as you shall see.  (For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past week or so, CAM sent a known (allegedly repentant) pedophile down to “minister” in Haiti. They hid the truth […]