Welcome to our recommended links page. Over time, we will be adding books, blogs, organizations, and other materials that we recommend.

Please bear in mind that inclusion on this page is not a blanket endorsement of everything the author or organization says or does. Do your own due diligence.

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We hope you will find these materials helpful!


A Better Way is an organization dedicated to the prevention of child sexual abuse. They have an excellent resources page.

RAINN is a national support organization for survivors of sexual abuse in all its forms. It has a wealth of resources.


Dwight Gingerich is a serious Biblical scholar, who produces high quality studies on a variety of subjects. One of his specialties is the church. Dwight is unfailingly careful, kind, and thought-provoking.

Rosina Schmucker writes over at Arabah Rejoice. She writes about her life, her family,  and her ministry to the community. Be sure to check out her posts on the Holy Spirit.

Simon J. Fry writes the Another Radical Reformation blog. He draws on a wide range of historical sources to call modern Anabaptist practice back to the Biblical roots. Simon is very direct in his postings, and I wish they were more frequent.

Rachel Dawn has a blog geared for ladies. Be sure to check out her post about leaving the Mennonite culture.


To Love, Honor, and Vacuum is a website with loads of resources on marriage. Sheila does an amazing job breaking down some of the lies surrounding sex and lust.

Jimmy Hinton is a sexual abuse advocate, who turned his own father in for sex abuse.