The Snare of the Fowler (Part 3)

Welcome back for Part 3 of the Christian Example Series, The Snare of the Fowler. As you may remember, Nathan is a troubled young man with a penchant for long distance trucking, movies, and talking to hardware store clerks. However, on a recent long-distance haul in Georgia, Nathan’s truck broke down. Stranded in the wilderness […]

The Priceless Privilege: Part 7

We’re back again for another look at the mental contortions required to keep the flock in line when you are part of an extremely conservative and coercive religious sect. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, I recommend that you do so first, because this post builds on that one.   As you recall, Menno and […]

The Priceless Privilege (Part 3): The Visit

In today’s chapter of The Priceless Privilege, Rosemary gets to visit Hope Valley. It is the church that will (spoiler alert) be the answer to all her problems, a church where things are done according to the Bible, and there is peace and love, and so forth. My sources have identified the real life location […]

The Priceless Privilege (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a series. Here’s Part 1, if you’re just joining us.   So Rosemary, our confused protagonist, is desperately looking for answers. Is there a true church someplace that both follows the Bible by wearing the right clothes, and also obeys the Bible by not fighting and bickering? She doesn’t believe […]