Flourish (Part 8): Sex is a Handful of Dandelions

Welcome back to Part 8 of our series on Flourish, where we examine the damaging teachings that are being exemplified in this book by Christian Light Publications. I think that it’s important to note that this book isn’t the disease. It’s a symptom of the disease. These ideas float around in the collective consciousness and affect, to […]

Flourish (Part 5): Devil Drugs

Welcome back to Part 5 of this emotionally grueling series. If you’re just joining us, we’re reviewing Flourish, a recent publication by Christian Light Publications. While I am sorry to see this kind of harmful teaching being promoted via a respected publisher, it brings a certain amount of vindication to me and my mission as well.I […]

Flourish (Part 3): Be More Like Loretta Lynn

Welcome back to Part 3 of our series on Flourish, the heart-warming story about how a struggling woman overcame difficulties and obstacles and entered into a fruitful marriage by following the timeless truths of God’s Word. Either that, or it’s a story about a woman being broken down emotionally and mentally, bit by bit, until […]

Flourish (Part 2): The Warring Maiden and the Husband Formerly Known as Prince

Previously in Flourish, the Husband Formerly Known As Prince and his Fair Maiden valiantly fight for their romantic marriage in the face of pregnacy, tears, sickness, and frequent moves. (OK, well, maybe not valiantly. And kinda not both of them, but I can only do so much with the script I’ve been given.) The end […]

Flourish (Part 1): A Real-Life Fairy Tale with an Actual Dragon

Welcome to a new series on the book Flourish from Christian Light Publishers. Sources tell me that the initial title was Help, I’m Married to a Goat!, but it didn’t play well with the focus groups. I spent a lot of time thinking about writing this series, and considering the pros and cons. So let’s talk about the cons […]

The Priceless Privilege: Part 8- Rosemary’s Covering

After a LONG hiatus, we’re ready to catch up with Paul and Rosemary again.   For those just joining us, this is the touching account of how Rosemary’s struggles and triumphs as she goes from a clearly dysfunctional church to a controlling church that pretends to be functional, with all the mental gymnastics on full […]